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Responding to Climate Change: A Study on Eco-Labeling Practices in Consumer Goods of Bangladesh

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)
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Eco-labeling is a marketing strategy that comes from inclined environmental awareness in the globalclimate change. The study followed a theoretical framework developed by Oyewole (2001) conceptualrelation among industrial ecology; green marketing and environmental justice make it clear how eco-labelthrough green marketing can be a tool to ensure equity in different socio-economic and environmentalperspective. The study was conducted in five super markets. The key information was collected throughobservations and depth interview from consumers and service providers. The study identified that the neweco-products formed new green market. It is observed that the green market appears to be real andgrowing. The study revealed that health and environmental concerns are main reasons why people becomeaware of eco-labeled products. The survey data evidenced that 17 percent of consumer read labels to see ifproducts were environmentally safe, 11 percent sort out products and packaging made form recycledmaterials and 7 percent said they had boycotted a company that was careless about the environment. Thestudy pointed out that there is a gap between policy and practices in eco labeling. The study recommendssome suggestions to make the success of eco-labeling in green marketing perspective such as creation ofawareness among the consumers, voluntary initiatives in environmentalism and consumerism,environmental appeals in advertising, practice of environmental protection law, integration betweenenvironmental justice and eco-system services in eco-labeling program etc.Keywords: Eco-Labeling, Environmental Justices, Ecosystem Resources, Green marketing, GreenConsumerism.

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