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METALURGIJA 45 (2006) 3, 195-219 195 MATERIALS - SECTION “A” - SUMMARIES Of LECTURES MATERIALS - SECTION “A” Processing of ferrous and non ferrous alloys 1. O. Cheylyakh; Pryazovsky State Technical University, Mariupol, Ukraine The Creation of New Economical Metastable Functional Alloys and New Strengthening Technologies. The general laws and principles of metastable phase state formation, and principles of purposeful use of control led deformation-induced phase transformations (DIPT) in controlling mechanica1 and operational properties of various steels and cast-irons have been established. Economical (Ni-, Mo-, V-, Nb- free) metastable alloys: high-strength, corrosion-resistant and heat resistant steels wear-resistant steels and cast-irons of improved physical-mechani- cal and operational properties have been developed on this basis. The ways and the technologies of heat treatment, chemica1-heat treatment, thermo-deforming treatment in order to control DIPT and qualities of the developed and a number of standard constructional and tool steels, wear-resistance steels and cast-irons, surface 1ayers with improved mechanical and operational characteristics have been developed. 2. V. Z. Kutsova, M. A. Kоvzel, А. V. Kravchenko, T. V. Kоtоvа, E. A. Gerasimenko, A. I. Shkolik; National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Structure and Resistance of Casting Moulds from Grey Pig-Iron. Nowadays increasing of the moulds resistance is the important technological task. The most part moulds is used for steel ingots production, intended for subsequent rolling and forging. The analysis of moulds work shows, that the basic reason of their failure is the formation and development of various cracks. Roughly 90 % moulds fails for this reason. The analysis of the received data testifies, that for increasing of moulds resistance it is necessary: to raise the content of carbon up to eutectic concentration; to define optimum meanings of a carbon equivalent for pig-iron of wo

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