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한국어 등위 접속문의 구조적 표상에 대한 새로운 접근 결과보고서

Publication Date
  • 등위 접속문
  • 환원주의
  • 대칭
  • 내포 등위 접속문
  • 부가
  • 기생 공백 인허
  • 평행성
  • Linguistics


This paper discusses the structure for coordination in Korean. Specifically, this paper takes the reductionist view on coordination that the structure for coordination should be reduced to the standard X'-schemata. Having examined the existing theories of coordination, this paper argues that a new approach to coordination with respect to Korean, and hopefully to natural language in general, is necessary. The main focus of this paper is on the so-called embedded coordination a la Y.-H. Kim (2003), which shows some hitherto unrevealed nature of coordination in Korean. Based on this kind of coordination, this paper proposes a novel theory of coordination.

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