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Part-load performance of a hybrid system based on a solid oxide fuel cell and a gas turbine

서울대학교 대학원
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  • 고체산화물 연료전지
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
  • 가스터빈
  • Gas Turbine
  • 부분부하
  • Prat-Load
  • 입구안내깃
  • Inlet Guide Vane
  • 하이브리드 시스템
  • Hybrid System
  • Design


SOFC systems have the potential to achieve higher efficiency even on a small scale. Moreover, SOFC systems are a cleaner system that emits less atmosphere polluting NOx and SOx. However the installation cost of SOFC systems is very expensive. A micro gas turbine has an advantage of relatively low installation cost and compactness. Due to the synergistic effects and the reducing installation cost, a solid oxide fuel cell and gas turbine (SOFC/GT) hybrid system has been considered as competitive in the market of distributed/residential power supply. The purpose of this study is to show the work on part-load operation of a hybrid system based on a solid oxide fuel cell and a gas turbine (SOFC/GT). The system consists of SOFC stack, pre-reformer, compressor, turbine, combustor and Recuperator. For evaluation a process simulation tool, ASPEN PLUS £¿, was used and completed with a user model and Calculator block representing a SOFC component of tubular design. A SOFC/GT system, in size of around 220kW, with methane as fuel, was analySzed. Three typical operation modes for the part-load performance of the SOFC/GT hybrid system, i.e., constant speed, variable speed and variable IGV(Inlet Guide Vane) angle operation are considered. It is found that the variable speed mode is more advantageous under part-load condition. Operating under this mode, the LHV (Low Heating Value) efficiency can be maintained over 60% in the power out put range from 45% to 100%. * Note: The text above is the abstract of the thesis. You can use the full-text by clicking the "Link" (URL) of item record and the viewer program will be installed automatically. In case of having problem with the viewer program installation, please download it manually using this url

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