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Theory, ideology and the danger of totalitarianism: implications for knowledge enquiry and policy making

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  • L Education (General)


In this address, Gordon Ade-Ojo explores the concepts of theory, ideology and doctrine and argues that the line between these can sometimes be very thin. Because of the sometimes blurred boundaries , particularly between theory and ideology, Gordon argues that a fastidious adherence to the former can sometimes result in a rigid binary opposition between the self or familiar, which is often eulogised and the alien which is often castigated. Drawing from his own work on literacy practices, issues around language, ideology and discrimination, recent policy developments and issues emerging from significant periods in history, Gordon illustrates ways in which these issues could be seen to have significance for knowledge enquiry and policy making. In conclusion, Gordon argues that we must utilise theory in its situated and contextualised form in order to reap its full benefit in our knowledge enquiry and policy making endeavours.

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