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Les gens des rivières : redéfintions territoriales et modernité dans le Pacifique colombien

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  • Littoral
  • Territoire
  • Perception De L'Espace
  • Organisation De L'Espace
  • Mobilite Spatiale
  • Propriete Fonciere
  • Tradition
  • Modernite
  • Minorite Ethnique
  • Cours D'Eau
  • Parente
  • Identite Culturelle
  • Appropriation
  • Law


In the Pacific lowlands of Colombia, for a long time isolated from the national society, the basic patterns of territorial appropriation find their place in the cultures built up for centuries by the black populations on the fringe of State logic or the market-place, even if some kind of relations have always existed. The 1991 Constitution and especially Law 70 of 1993, invite the black populations of the Pacific to claim their rights - amongst others, their territorial rights. This implies the making or invention of new institutions which do not tally necessarily with the norms decreed by the new legislation. (Résumé d'auteur)

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