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Toward nanoanalytical chemistry: case of nanomaterial integration into [bio]sensing systems

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Analytical chemistry-oriented nanotechnology, or nanoanalytical chemistry, at nanometer or macroscale, at both nanometer and macroscale dimensions, is on its way to becoming a field of great potential. Nanoanalytical chemistry concepts are finding rapid acceptance in molecular biology and other fields. The design of novel nanostructures with special optical and electrochemical properties and their integration into [bio]sensing systems represent only one aspect of the research in this new field. Analytical chemistry-oriented nanotechnology, or nanoanalytical chemistry, will provide new tools for various applications in fields like medicine, environmental studies, and industry. Nanoanalytical chemistry examples related to gold nanoparticles, quantum dots, and carbon nanotubes will be presented in the present paper. DNA detection by ICPMS of gold nanoparticle tags as well as direct electrochemical detection of the same nanoparticles will be described here as the first example. The use of quantum dots for the design of so-called ?DNA chips in solution? will be the second example. The integration of carbon nanotubes in an epoxy matrix forming a novel composite material with interesting applications in sensor technology will be the paper?s final example.

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