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Conditions in South Dalmatia during the continuance od The State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs (Summary)

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Sadrzaj 204.pmd Vuori, I.: PHYSICAL INACTIVITY IS A CAUSE AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY ... Kinesiology 36(2004) 2:123-153 123 PHYSICAL INACTIVITY IS A CAUSE AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IS A REMEDY FOR MAJOR PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEMS Ilkka Vuori UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research, University of Tampere, Finland Review UDC 614.2:796.012 Introduction Firm scientifi c evidence shows that numerous diseases or precursors of diseases are more common in individuals that engage in little or no physical activity as compared with their regularly active counterparts. The number of these conditions has grown continuously during the past decades (Booth, Chakravarthy, Gordon, & Spangenburg, 2002; Table 1). The observed relationships between little or no physical acti- vity and increased prevalence (existence) or incidence (appearance) of the diseases is not due to so called confounding factors such as age, sex, body fat, previous health, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, education, or income. Gradually epidemiological studies have provided stronger and stronger evidence that physical inactivity is a cause of developing these states of ill health. The criteria for this evidence are the constancy of the fi ndings in different studies and populations, strength of the association between the level of physical activity and the risk of the disease, appropriate temporal sequence (inactivity predating the appearance of the disease), logical relationship between the level and change of level of inac- tivity/activity and the disease risk, and plausible and coherent explanations of the observed relationships. Studies on animals have provided further supporting evidence. Why is physical inactivity deleterious for health? The basic reason for the health-worsening and even health-damaging effects of physical inactivity is simply that men (and women) are made to move. They have been moving for the whole history of mankind except for the last tens of years. Physical acti

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