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Cholesterol depletion induces large scale domain segregation in living cell membranes

The National Academy of Sciences
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Talk With Your Health Care Provider About High Cholesterol: Patient Brochure What else can you do? Always ask your provider what your cholesterol numbers are and write them down. Discuss these numbers with your provider. Your provider may prescribe medicine to help lower your cholesterol. y Take your medicine every day, or as directed by your provider. y If your cholesterol numbers get lower, it’s because your medicine is working. Don’t stop it or take a lower dose unless your provider says you should. For more information, please speak with your doctor or nurse. Talk With Your Health Care Provider About High Cholesterol Partnership for HEALTH Here are some questions to ask your provider: q Is my cholesterol under good control? q When should I have my cholesterol next checked? q What is a healthy weight for me? q Is it safe for me to start doing regular physical activity? Do you have other questions for your provider? Write them down here. Heart and Circulation U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality US Preventive Services Task Force This brochure was produced by: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Health Administration, Office of Patient Care Services National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and April 2009 If your cholesterol is in the desirable range and you are healthy, have it checked again in 5 years. If your cholesterol is borderline high or high, or you have heart disease, your next step depends on your LDL and HDL levels and your other conditions or risk factors. Ask your provider these questions: q What should my cholesterol levels be? q Do I need treatment for my cholesterol? What can you do to prevent or control high cholesterol? 1. Follow a healthy eating plan. y Read food labels and limit foods high in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. y

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