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A Study of the way the father's values of life affects the son's in Pramoedya Ananta Toer's It's Not an All Night Fair

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The main character of Pramoedya Ananta Toer?s It?s Not An All Night Fair is the son who must face the dying and the death of his father. However, when he recollects about the way the father lives, the father?s life journey with his values of life influences the son?s. The first thing that I like to discuss is how the father?s values of life influence the way he lives his life. The next thing that I like to discuss is what the influences of the father?s ways of life on the son are. I use literary approach and apply the theory of characterization as the only theory to do the analysis. Understanding about the father and his way of life make the son learn about the values of life. From his father?s life journey, the values of life are depicted, such patriotic dedication for the country, dignity to be clean and honest, modesty, and commitment. The effect of the father?s values of life on the son is that he learns some lessons about the values of life. In the end, the son reevaluates his life and learns to be like his father. The son realizes his own shortcomings and has new perspective in life.

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