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Cognition and Recognition based upon Standpoint, Viewpoint and Value System

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  • 視座
  • 視点
  • 価値観
  • 認知と認識
  • Ky
  • Standpoint
  • Viewpoint
  • Human Value System
  • Social Value System
  • Cognition
  • Recognition


[概要] 人は外界のことを五官で掴み, 未知情報を受容する。すなわち認知である。さらに, 前々から手に入れている既知情報を用いて知的作業をし, 認知したことを認識にまで高めるが, そこには視座・視点・価値観という考え方が基本となっていることに気付くはずである。本論文は, それを中心に展開している。 [Abstract] In this paper, the author descibes that the concept of "standpoint — viewpoint — value system" is necesary to cultivate mind in a cognition and a recognition. The standpoint is a position or a place or a situation, etc. The viewpoint is a point of a notice or an attention or a concern or an interest, etc. In the value system, there are several ones. For example, there are a personal value system, a human value system, a social value system, a system of a priority, etc. In the cognitive process and the recognitive process, we have to be aware of "standpoint — viewpoint — value system" in our social activities. If you are not aware of "standpoint — viewpoint — value system", then you may be the "KY". We must keep the followings in mind. @ We do put ourselves in an other's place. @ We do judge from many points of view. @ We do guess that there are many value systems. @ We do aware that we do not live alone.

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