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JUBIN – Status i perspektiva

Narodna biblioteka Srbije
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On the request of the Ministry of Culture and Public Information, of the Republic of Serbia, the Director of the National Library of Serbia has exposed his point of view regarding the actual status and perspectives of the Yugoslav Institute for Bibliography and Information (YUBIN). The text is divided in three fully informative sets. The first part presents the summary of the detected situation, across all important aspects, including the overview of the controversial history, current activities, the method of work and financing of YUBIN. The second part shows the summary of the essential changes in the context, expecting to establish, at the beginning of 2003, a completely new environment. The changes are: constitution of the Union/Central Electronic Catalogue, the disappearance of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, new regulations for Book Department, radical reconstitution of the National Library of Serbia, as the Main Institution of library activities in Serbia. The third part exposes proposals for deliberation of the new Status, with the elaboration of four possible issues for the right solution. The first option represents the legalization of the detected state. The second exposes the re-assignment of existing functions between YUBIN and NLS. And the third option comprises the alternative re-assignment of existing functions, and the forth presents the institutional transformation of YUBIN into an organizational unit of the National Library of Serbia. In the conclusion is the proposal to the Ministry of Culture, to choose one of the proposed issues, having in mind the common interest and all the relevant elements, indispensable for the realization of the chosen solution, and to pledge for the consensus of all actors. In the supplement, again on the request of the Ministry of Culture, the additional information is given, with elements of legal matters for the proposition of the solution from the forth option, the institutional transformation of YUBIN into an organizational and functional unit of the National Library of Serbia.

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