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Spring or Fall Fumigation for Control of Meloidogyne spp. on Tobacco

Journal of Nematology
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  • Chemistry


Tests were conducted in 1987-88 to compare the efficacy of spring or fall fumigant nematicide applications for control ofMeloidogyne arenaria and M. incognita on tobacco. Chloropicrin, 1,3-D, methyl isothiocyanate, and a methyl isothiocyanate-l,3-D mixture were applied as row treatments. Fenamiphos, fenamiphos + fensulfothion, or ethoprop were applied in the spring as nonfumigant nematicide standards. Fumigant nematicides increased yields and reduced galling (P = 0.01) in all four tests. Spring or fall applications of fumigant nematicides were effective in controlling M. arenaria and M. incognita and were superior to the nonfumigant nematicides tested. Key words: chemical control, fumigation, management, Meloidogyne arenaria, Meloidogyne incognita, nematicide, Nicotiana tabacum, root-knot nematode, tobacco.

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