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TRENDS IN HAEMATOLOGY. J. B. Chatterjea Memorial Volume. Edited by N. N. Sen and A. K. Basu. (Pp. 506. Illustrated. $60.00). Calcutta: K. P. Bagchi & Co., 286 B.B. Ganguli St., Calcutta 12. For J. B. Chatterjea Memorial Committee. 1975. THIS book is a memorial to Dr. J. B. Chatterjea who died in 1972. Dr. Chatterjea was Professor of Haematology at the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine and well known to all haematologists. His bibliography of 372 references listed in the volume attests to the many significant contributions he made to the subject. Trends in Haematology contains review articles on selected topics by distinguished authors. The 25 subjects covered are wide-ranging and embrace clinical haematology, genetics, immunology and cytochemistry. Dr. Rosemary Briggs outlines the development of the present day theory of blood coagulation, Professor Herbert gives an excellent description of folic acid and vitamin B12 metabolism and Dr. Mathe and his colleagues an interesting account of the results of immunotherapy in acute lymphoid leukaemia. Other chapters deal with fibrinolysis, the porphyrias and the preservation of blood. The editors have managed to instil a distinctively Indian flavour into the book by including chapters on the effect of snake venoms on haemostasis, abnormal haemoglobins in India and an account by Dr. Beutler of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency due to a new enzyme variant in an Indian subject. Eash article is well endowed with references which are given at the end of the chapter. Although this book is certainly of value to haematologists and of interest to those studying for higher examinations it is unfortunately severely handicapped by its price. It is doubtful if many will consider it worth such a sum and its main home is likely to be in libraries. J.H.R. SELECTED TOPICS IN CLINICAL BACTERIOLOGY. Edited by J. de Louvois. (Pp. 262; figures 21. £6.50). London: Bailliere Tindell. 1976. OF the eight chapters in this book only one, "Advances on Bacterial

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