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X-ray reflectivity study of semiconductor interfaces

International Union of Crystallography
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The results of an X-ray reflectivity study of thick AlAs-AlGaAs and thin GeSi-Ge multilayers grown using metal-organic vapour-phase epitaxy and ion-beam sputtering deposition techniques, respectively, are presented. Asymmetry in interfaces is observed in both of these semiconductor multilayers. It is also observed that although the Si-on-Ge interface is sharp, an Si0.4Ge0.6 alloy is formed at the Ge-on-Si interface. In the case of the III-V semiconductor, the AlAs-on-AlGaAs interface shows much greater roughness than that observed in the AlGaAs-on-AlAs interface. For thin multilayers it is demonstrated that the compositional profile as a function of depth can be obtained directly from the X-ray reflectivity data.

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