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Korišćenje elektronskih izvora informacija u okviru sistema COBISS.SI

Zajednica biblioteka univerziteta u Srbiji
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  • B. Information Use And Sociology Of Information.
  • Communication
  • Education


The scope of electronic resources and their usage in the COBISS.SI system is very wide. The system provides bibliographic records or integrated data as well as full-text databases from different providers to the end users and librarians through the accessible databases. Information is mostly used for scientific and professional purposes as well as for the evaluation of scientific and technical research. The intensity of usage and the structure of the types of libraries participating in consortia depend on that. Only online access is used, and for the authorization mostly IP addresses are used. The complexity of the change of the scientific communication paradigm requires the education of users and offering help, as well as finding new solutions for an optimum, more efficient and frequent usage of available information services. Linking different information services is one of these solutions.

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