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Nuevas estrategias sinérgicas en química organometálica de Zinc : diseño racional de reactivos bimetálicos y sus aplicaciones en síntesis

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Pioneered by Wanklyn more than 150 years ago, organozincates have recently emerged as a versatile and regioselective type of organometallic reagents. Exhibiting unique chemical profiles, different to those observed for the monometallic components from which they are derived, these mixed-metal species offer a tremendous potential in synthesis. This article focuses on recent advances made in our research group investigating the use of these reagents in three fundamental types of organic transformations, namely, metalation, metal-halogen exchange and nucleophilic addition reactions. Through the isolation and characterization of key organometallic intermediates, the origins of their special synergic behaviour and the mechanisms involved in these reactions will also be discussed.

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