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Vytvoření a ověření výukového programu muzikoterapie pro osoby se zdravotním postižením.\\

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  • Muzikoterapie
  • Osoby Se Zdravotním Postižením
  • Terapie
  • Music Therapy
  • Handicapped Persóna
  • Therapy
  • Medicine
  • Musicology


In my bachelor thesis I dealt with the issue of handicaped people and with the possibility of applying musicotherapy in their treatment. In the practical research I observed the influence of a musicotherapeutical program on handicaped children of pre-school age in the ARPIDA center in České Budějovice. In my work I used standardized techniques through which I aquired important data for further evaluation. As the initial point of this thesis, two scientific questions concerning the influence of the therapeutical program had been set: Whether the program enriches the children`s life and whether it changes their values. The examined program was mainly concerned with the individuals psychic development and with the improvement of fine and gross motor skills of the children through their playful interaction with music and musical instruments. The effect of the programe was examined by two measurements (preliminary and subsequent) and all the aquired data was evaluated according to the individual research techniques.

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