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Educación integral: la llave para una nueva era

  • Archaeology
  • Design
  • Ecology
  • Education
  • Philosophy


A holistic education celebrates and makes a constructive use of alternative evolving points of view on reality and the multiple ways of knowledge. Not only intellectual and vocational features of human development need guidance and cultivation, also physical, social, moral, aesthetic, creative and spiritual (non sectary sense) ones; holistic education have in mind the deep mystery of life and universe, besides experiences. In holism, a new paradigm rises laying on a wealthy tradition from many erudite disciplines, which asseverate the interaction between themselves, as well as with the theory, the research and the constantly evolving practice. Holism has its roots in the proposition that universe is an integrated whole, in which everything is inter-connected. Besides, it corrects the reductionist models' lack of balance, underlining a expanded concept of science and manpower. It also have very meaningful implications for ecology and human evolution.

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