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Production of Cloned Pigs from Adult Somatic Cells by Chemically Assisted Removal of Maternal Chromosomes1

Society for the Study of Reproduction
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  • Chemistry


Abstract The present study demonstrated that brief treatment of in vitro-matured porcine oocytes with demecolcine results in a membrane protrusion that contains a condensed chromosome mass, which can be easily removed by aspiration. This simple, chemically assisted method for removing maternal chromosomes enabled the production of a large number of nuclear-transferred porcine eggs. The development of eggs whose chromosomes were removed by this procedure following transfer of somatic cell nuclei to the blastocyst stage was not significantly different among groups activated using different procedures (6% to 11%) and was also not different among donor cells of different origins (3% to 9%), except for cumulus cells (0.4%). After transfer of 180 to 341 nuclear-transferred eggs that received somatic cells to 6 recipients, 2 of the recipients produced 8 healthy cloned piglets from the heart cells of a female pig. The chemically assisted method for removing maternal chromosomes was also effective for bovine and rabbit eggs.

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