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QoS-Aware Single Cell Admission Control for UTRAN LTE Uplink

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Paper Title (use style: paper title) 5G small cell optimized radio design Preben Mogensen (1, 2), Kari Pajukoski (3), Esa Tiirola (3), Eeva Lähetkangas (3), Jaakko Vihriälä (3), Seppo Vesterinen (3), Matti Laitila (3), Gilberto Berardinelli (2), Gustavo W. O. Da Costa (2), Luis G. U. Garcia (2), Fernando M. L. Tavares (2), Andrea F. Cattoni (2) (1) Nokia Siemens Networks, Aalborg, Denmark (2) Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, Denmark (3) Nokia Siemens Networks, Oulu, Finland Abstract— The 5th generation (5G) of mobile radio access technologies is expected to become available for commercial launch around 2020. In this paper, we present our envisioned 5G system design optimized for small cell deployment taking a clean slate approach, i.e. removing most compatibility constraints with the previous generations of mobile radio access technologies. This paper mainly covers the physical layer aspects of the 5G concept design. I. INTRODUCTION Historically, new generations of radio access technologies (RATs) have been introduced with an interval of approximately ten years to cope with the exponential increase of the mobile data traffic and to take full advantage of the evolution of the technology components without any legacy burden [1]. The specifications of the Long Term Evolution - Advanced (LTE-A) standard, which is agreed to be the 4th generation (4G) mobile communication technology, were finalized back in 2010 [2]. If history is any indication, a new 5th Generation (5G) radio standard is expected to reach the mass market around 2020 and to last until ~2030, where we may potentially experience a 6th Generation (6G). In [3] we have predicted the mobile traffic growth to be in the range of ~x150-500 by 2020 (with reference to 2010), and to increase to ~x3000-30,000 by 2030. We also predict the user data rate demand to grow by a factor of ~x10 by 2020 and a factor ~x100 by 2030. Such growth values in both traffic

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