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The development of flight simulation database using handling quality studies

Computers & Industrial Engineering
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DOI: 10.1016/0360-8352(93)90299-d
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Abstract A flight handling quality is a composite measure of performance used to assess how well a pilot responds to flight conditions. Considering the complexity of the aircraft and the human operator model, flight handling parameters as well as the variables can be complex. For many years; however, there a exist a large body of actual flight and simulated test reports on the handling quality measures of various model airplanes from subsonic to supersonic. In order to replicate flight simulation experiments in aircrafts modeled at the hypersonic speed, it would be of advantage to use a data of previous flight handling qualities. Among other things, this procedure will save time in data collection and help to extrapolate the existing knowledge into a new flight condition. In the presentation, we discuss a new object-oriented data base development from a hierarchy of interacting objects. The data structures are divided into functional nets based on the level of human operator models, the aircraft state space, and the environmental state vectors. Different aircraft models with their data structures are used to cluster the information into domain sets which can later be abstracted to generate test data for a flight simulation experiment.

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