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Halon thermochemistry: Ab initio calculations of the enthalpies of formation of fluoroethanes

Journal of Molecular Structure THEOCHEM
Publication Date
DOI: 10.1016/s0166-1280(97)00075-4
  • Fluoroethane
  • Heat Of Formation
  • Bond Additivity Correction
  • Thermochemistry
  • Ab Initio
  • Physics


Abstract The ab initio G2, G2(MP2), CBS-4 and CBS-Q quantum mechanical protocols and the parameterized BAC-MP4 procedure were used to calculate the enthalpies of formation ( Δ f H 0) of ethane and the complete series of fluoroethanes, C 2H x F 6− x , x = 0−5. Results from all methods exhibited significant negative deviations from experiment. With the exception of the CBS-4 and BAC-MP4 procedures, the negative errors in the calculated enthalpies were observed to be linearly dependent upon the number of CF bonds in the molecule. Application of a bond additivity correction (BAC) parameter, Δ C F , derived in an earlier investigation of fluoro- and chlorofluoromethanes, removed some although not all of the systematic deviations. Introduction of a heavy atom interaction parameter, representing the effect of an attached carbon on the CF bond error, yielded corrected enthalpies which agree with experiment to within the reported uncertainties. The BAC-MP4 method, which has already been parameterized with generalized BACs, yields calculated enthalpies which average approximately 10 kJ mol −1 below the experimental values of Δ f H 0 in the fluoroethanes.

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