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Flat Type Thick Film Inductive Sensors

Active and Passive Electronic Components
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Two thick film flat-type inductive sensors are described and tested for distance and profile measurement. The first one is a single-layer spiral while the second one is a multi-layer structure consisting of ten spirals one over the other. The paper describes their geometric configurations together with their simulated magnetic fields and it reports the results from the characterization test i.e. the series-equivalent circuit parameters, the sensitivity and the cross-sensitivity to temperature. An experimental analysis of the sensitivity suggests that optimized values are obtained by an appropriate choice of the working frequency. The sensors are shielded against e.m. noise coming from the nonsensitive area. Moreover, two sensors have been tested in the laboratory using the single layer as a distance sensor and the multi-layer as a transducer for the measurement of a metallic object profile. The results of the tests show a maximum sensitivity of 14mV/µm and a resolution of 0.6 µm for the single layer, while the multi layer one reconstructs the profile with an axial resolution of a few microns and a lateral resolution better than 200 mm.

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