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Oxidative and osmotic stress induced changes in brain endothelial cells

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Farkas thesis kepek javított.rtf OXIDATIVE AND OSMOTIC STRESS INDUCED CHANGES IN CEREBRAL ENDOTHELIAL CELLS Ph.D. Thesis Attila E. Farkas Supervisor: Dr István Krizbai Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology Institute of Biophysics Biological Research Center Hungarian Academy of Sciences Szeged, Hungary 2008 2 Publications related to the thesis: I. Krizbai IA, Bauer H, Bresgen N, Eckl PM, Farkas A, Szatmári E, Traweger A, Wejksza K, Bauer HC: Effect of oxidative stress on the junctional proteins of cultured cerebral endothelial cells. Cell Mol Neurobiol. 2005 Feb;25(1):129-39. IF2005: 2,022 II. Farkas A, Szatmári E, Orbók A, Wilhelm I, Wejksza K, Nagyıszi P, Hutamekalin P, Bauer H, Bauer HC, Traweger A, Krizbai IA: Hyperosmotic mannitol induces Src kinase-dependent phosphorylation of beta-catenin in cerebral endothelial cells. J Neurosci Res. 2005 Jun 15;80(6):855-61. IF2005: 3,239 Publications not directly related to the thesis: i. Wilhelm I, Nagyıszi P, Farkas EA, Couraud PO, Romero IA, Weksler B, Fazakas C, Dung NKT, Bauer H, Bauer HC, and Krizbai IA. Hyperosmotic stress induces Axl activation and cleavage in cerebral endothelial cells. J Neurochem. Oct;107(1):116-26. IF2007: 4,451 ii. Hutamekalin P, Orbók A, Wilhelm I, Farkas AE, Nagyıszi P, Veszelka S, Deli MA, Buzás K, Hunyadi-Gulyás E, Medzihradszky KF, Meksuriyen D, Krizbai IA: Effect of nicotine and polyaromatic hydrocarbons on cerebral endothelial cells. Cell Biol Int 2008 Feb;32(2):198-209. IF2007: 1,547 iii. Traweger A, Lehner C Farkas A, Krizbai IA, Tempfer H, Klement E, Guenther B, Bauer HC, Bauer H: Nuclear ZO-2 alters gene expression and junctional stability in epithelial and endothelial cells. Differentiation 2008 Jan;76(1):99-106. IF2007: 2,894 iv. Wilhelm I, Farkas AE, Nagyıszi P, Váró G, Bálint Z, Végh GA, Couraud PO, Romero IA, Weksler B, and Krizbai IA: Regulation of Cerebral Endothelial Cell M

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