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Stability and control of wind farms in power systems

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  • The Ph
  • D
  • Project ‘Stability And Control Of Wind Farms In Power Systems’ Deals With Some Selected Problems Rel
  • With Increasing Wind Power Penetration
  • Wind Turbines Substitute The Power Production Of Conventional Powerplants
  • Therefore
  • Wind Turbines Also Have To Take Over The Power System Stabilisation And Control Tasks
  • That Were Traditionally Carried Out By Conventional Power Plants
  • Out Of The Many Aspects Related To This Problem
  • This Project Focuses On Transientfault Ridethrough And Power System Stabilisation
  • The Selection Of Turbine Types Considered In This Project Is Limited To Active-Stall Turbines And Va
  • Variable Pitch Turbines With Gearboxes And Full-Scale Converterconnected Synchronousgenerators
  • As A Basis For The Project
  • A Study Into The State Of The Art Is Conducted At The Beginning Of The Project
  • Grid Connection Requirements That Were In Force
  • Or Published As Drafts
  • At The Time
  • And Scientific Literature Related To The Topic
  • Are Studied
  • The Project Is Based On Simulations Of Wind Turbines In A Power System Simulations Tool
  • Some Of The Models Used In This Project Were Readily Available Prior To The Project
  • The Development Of Others Is Part Of The Project
  • The Mostextensive Modelling Work Deals With The Design Of The Electrical Part Of The Variable Speed
  • To Simulate Realistic Grid Operation The Wind Turbine Models Are Connected To An Aggregated Model Of
  • For Thatpurpose The Nordic Power System Model
  • Which Was Available Prior To The Project
  • Is Extended With A Realistic Feeder Configuration
  • It Is Commonly Demanded From Modern Wind Turbines
  • That They Must Not Disconnect In Case Of Transient Faults
  • Therefore
  • Controllers Are Designed That Enable The Two Turbine Types To Ride Through Transient Faults
  • With These Transient Fault Controllers The Wind Turbines Can Stay Connected To The Grid
  • Such That Their Generation Capacity Is Sustained
  • And Normal Gridoperation Can Resume
  • After The Fault Is Cleared
  • Transient Faults In The Transmission System Often Cause Power System Oscillations
  • To Further Support The Grid
  • A Situation Is Assumed
  • Where In Future
  • Wind Turbines Will Be Required To Contribute To Thedamping Of These Power System Oscillations
  • Power System Oscillations Are Counteracted With A Controlled Injection Of Oscillating Active Power
  • With An Active-Stall Turbine Oscillating Power Injection Can Only Be Realised By Controlling The Pit
  • Hence The Power System Stabiliser Of An Active-Stall Turbine Is A Pitch Angle Controller
  • Two Different Approaches Are Chosen For Designing Such A Power System Stabiliser: A Conventional Pid
  • And A Fuzzy Logic Controller
  • For A Variable Speedturbine Power System Stabilisation Is An Easier Task
  • As It Varies Its Electrical Power With Power Electronics
  • Hence
  • Large And Rapid Power Variations Are Easily Possible
  • The Negative Side Effect Of Ambitious Power System Stabilisation With Variablespeed Turbines Is Tors
  • These Drive Train Oscillations Are Addressed Specifically
  • So The Turbine Stays Stable When It Performs Power System Stabilisation
  • It Is Concluded That The Controllers Designed In This Project Enableactivestall Turbines
  • And Variable Speed Turbines With Full-Scale Converterconnected Synchronous Generators
  • To Support The Grid In Case Of Transient Events


Stability and control of wind farms in power systems - DTU Orbit (18/04/14) Stability and control of wind farms in power systems - DTU Orbit (18/04/14) Stability and control of wind farms in power systems General information State: Published Organisations: Wind Energy Systems, Wind Energy Division, Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy Authors: Jauch, C. (Intern) Keywords: (Risø-PhD-24(EN), Risø-PhD-24, Risø-PhD-0024) Publication date: 2006 Publication information Original language: English Series: Risø-PhD Number: 24(EN) Main Research Area: Technical/natural sciences Documents: ris_phd_24.pdf Source: orbit Source-ID: 309635 Publication: Research › Ph.D. thesis – Annual report year: 2006

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