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On the Performance of Band-Limited Asynchronous DS-CDMA over Nakagami-m Channels

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In this paper we investigated the BER performance of DS-CDMA using various chip-waveforms, which include three time-limited chip-waveforms and two band-limited chipwaveforms. Closed-form formulae were derived for evaluating the achievable bit-error rate performance with the aid of the standard Gaussian approximation, when communicating over a Nakagami-m channel. The time-limited waveforms impose a low implementational complexity, since they maybe oversampled and read from a look-up table. However, they are outperformed by the frequency-domain raised-cosine waveform as well as the optimum waveform specifically designed by Cho and Lehnert for achieving the lowest possible bit error rate. Index Terms—Code-division multiple-access, chip waveform, Gaussian approximation, Nakagami, band-limited, normalized bandwidth.

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