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A Gender Perspective of Translation: Taking Three Chinese Versions of The Purple Color as an Example

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  • Feminism
  • Gender Differences
  • Translations Of The Color Purple
  • Linguistics
  • Literature


The Color Purple is one of the best-selling novels in the west, which is very popular among people of different colors, different levels and different countries. Many Chinese translators have tried to translate it into Chinese. Because it is a typical feminist novel, so it is very meaningful to compare its translations and to analyze the gender awareness of translators in the translation process. This paper selected the versions of Yang Renjing (male), Tao Jie (female) and Lu Shujiang (female) to make a comparative study. The three translations have different stylistic characteristics. The main difference lies in their comprehension and expression of some words and phrases featured feminism. Male and female translators reflect significant gender differences.

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