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Growth and swainsonine production ofSwainsona galegifolia(Andr.) R. Br. untransformed and transformed root cultures

Oxford University Press
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  • Biology


Untransformed and transformed root cultures of Swainsona galegifolla were established for swainsonine production. Transformed roots grew faster and produced higher swainsonine levels (62.3 μg g−1 DW) than untransformed roots (23.6 ,μg g−1 DW) or roots of intact plants (8.7 μg g−1 DW). Transformation of a number of plant genotypes using A. rhizogenes strain LBA 9402 showed that plant genotype Influences swainsonine level in transformed roots but that a wide range of swainsonine levels can be induced by separate transformation events in the same genotype. Enhancement of swainsonine production was attempted by treatment with sugars and induction of polyploid roots.

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