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Evaluation of Body Surface Temperature by Thermography

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  • Thermography (サーモグラフィー)
  • Diabetes Mellitus (糖尿病)
  • Peripheral Circulation (末梢循環)
  • Cold Loading (冷水負荷)


Body Surface Temperature was observed by thermography. The surface temperature of a healthy person's lower limbs, after being cooled in a water bath, increased in parallel with time. Patients with Diabetes Mellitus had different patterns in the rate of increase of the surface temperature. After cold loading, one patient had a 99% recovery ratio of surface temperature, the same level as healthy volunteers (83%, and 88%), as calculated by a picture processing program with the computerized thermotracer. However, the recovery ratio of other patients was poorer, ranging from 56% to under 6% recovery. This measurement of elevation of body temperature is useful for the estimation of peripheral blood flow in patients with lower limbcirculation failure.

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