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The Overselling of Population Ageing: Apocalyptic Demography, Intergenerational Challenges, and Social Policy

  • Political Science


The book presents critical perspectives on population ageing. In particular, the contributions take issue with the demographic determinism (apocalyptic demography) that has taken hold in Canada whereby population ageing, specifically the ageing population bulge known as the baby boomers, is viewed as a severe social problem in the making. The book focuses on the social policy consequences--in pension policy, health policy, family and caregiver policy--that are occurring as a result of apocalyptic demographic thinking. One of the main themes is the way in which population ageing is being used as a rationale for dismantling the Canadian welfare state, particularly by neo-conservative political parties. Another important theme in the book is a view of intergenerational relationships that focuses on the reciprocal linkages between the elderly and their children, providing a critique of the 'elderly as burden' image pervasive in the public mind and policy directions.

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