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Diabetes and Risk of Hip Fracture in the Singapore Chinese Health Study

Diabetes Care
American Diabetes Association
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DOI: 10.2337/dc10-0067
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  • Epidemiology/Health Services Research
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OBJECTIVE Asian populations are documenting rapid increases in the rates of diabetes and hip fracture, but there are no prospective data linking both diseases in Asian studies. We investigated this association among a cohort of Chinese in Singapore. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A prospective cohort of 63,257 Chinese in the Singapore Chinese Health Study, established between 1993 and 1998, was followed up for a mean duration of 12 years. Diabetes status was ascertained by baseline interviews, and incidence of hip fracture post-enrollment was identified through a nationwide hospital discharge database. RESULTS The risk of hip fracture, after adjustment for other risk factors, was almost double among people with diabetes compared with people without diabetes (relative risk 1.98, 95% CI 1.71–2.29). When stratified by BMI, the increase in risk of hip fracture among people with diabetes relative to people without diabetes was similar in all four strata. There was a very strong dose-dependent relationship between duration of diabetes and risk of hip fracture (P for trend <0.0001). Compared with people without diabetes, the relative risk (95% CI) among subjects with diabetes for <5 years at recruitment was 1.40 (1.08–1.82), and this risk increased to 2.66 (2.04–3.47) among individuals with diabetes for ≥15 years. CONCLUSIONS Asians with diabetes, like their Western counterparts, experience an increased risk of hip fracture. Early assessment for osteoporosis and increased fracture risk, as well as prevention of falls, should be part of the management of diabetes.

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