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MLADEN ČRNJAR: EKONOMIKA I POLITIKA ZAŠTITE OKOLIŠA Rijeka, Ekonomski fakultet i Glosa, 2002., str. 364.

Hrvatsko društvo ekonomista, Zagreb
Publication Date
  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Geography


In this university textbook and manual, the first of its kind here, the author deals withand describes in a systematic, simple and scientific manner, numerous current ecological phenomena especially economic, as, for example: causes and repercussions of a polluted environment; basic characteristics of environmental economics; appraisal of ecological damage; protection of air, soil and water; management of natural resources; interrelationship of economy and environment; interrelationship of a company’s business and sustainable development, policy instruments of environmental protection, financing and implementation of environmental protection policies, international environmental protection policies; interrelationship of tourism and protection of the environment.

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