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A Bacillus subtilis Gene of Previously Unknown Function, yhaG, Is Translationally Regulated by Tryptophan-Activated TRAP and Appears To Be Involved in Tryptophan Transport

American Society for Microbiology
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  • Genetics And Molecular Biology
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Computer analysis of the Bacillus subtilis genome sequence revealed a gene with no previously attributed function, yhaG, specifying a transcript containing a presumptive binding site for the tryptophan-activated regulatory protein, TRAP. The presumptive TRAP binding site overlaps the yhaG Shine-Dalgarno sequence and translation initiation region. TRAP was shown to regulate expression of yhaG translationally. Production of the yhaG transcript in vivo was found to compete for the binding of TRAP to other known TRAP binding sites. YhaG is likely to be a transmembrane protein involved in tryptophan transport.

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