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Heinrich von Kleists Novelle Die Marquise von O... auf Türkisch : Versuche, Heinrich von Kleist dem türkischen Leser heranzuführen

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  • Kleist
  • Heinrich Von / Die Marquise Von O...
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  • Ddc:833
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The argument that worldwide globalization will lead to a cultural homogenization is rarely acceptable for literary translation. German authors are still translated into Turkish, and the classics are retranslated. In view of Translation Studies, retranslations are very interesting because for being justified they are required to be superior to previous translation(s). This challenge is especially immense if it is the translation of an author like Heinrich von Kleist, whose narrative language is not only well-known but also exceptional. The aim of this study is to analyze the individual strategies of the Turkish translators and to demonstrate on examples whether they had been successful on their aim to satisfy Kleist’s specific literary style. The study is done on the example of the novella “Die Marquise von O...” (1808). For the analysis, the translations of Melâhat Togar (1952), Alev Yalnız (1992) and Ayalp Talun İnce (2004) are examined with regard to their distinctive strengths and weaknesses.

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