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초등 예비교사의 모의과학수업에서 나타나는 교실담화의 유형분석을 통한 과학수업담화 반성 프로그램 개발

Publication Date
  • 과학 수업
  • 수업 담화
  • 담화 분석
  • 수업 반성
  • 반성 프로그램
  • 예비교사교육
  • Linguistics
  • Psychology


This study aimed to suggest a 'science classroom discourse reflection program' by analyzing preservice elementary teachers' science classroom discourses. For this purpose, science classes of preservice elementary teachers' were recorded during 3 semesters. Interviews for preservice teachers were conducted also. To develop a 'science classroom discourse reflection program', a theoretical study about linguistics, sociology, socio-linguistics, and psychology was conducted. Based on the theoretical study, a 'science classroom discourse reflection program' was developed. To show how to analyze, a practice of science classroom discourse analysis was conducted targeting preservice elementary teachers' science classes. The result of satisfaction research showed that preservice elementary teachers' high satisfaction toward this program.

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