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A novel Q-learning algorithm with function approximation for constrained Markov decision processes

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We present a novel multi-timescale Q-learning algorithm for average cost control in a Markov decision process subject to multiple inequality constraints. We formulate a relaxed version of this problem through the Lagrange multiplier method. Our algorithm is different from Q-learning in that it updates two parameters - a Q-value parameter and a policy parameter. The Q-value parameter is updated on a slower time scale as compared to the policy parameter. Whereas Q-learning with function approximation can diverge in some cases, our algorithm is seen to be convergent as a result of the aforementioned timescale separation. We show the results of experiments on a problem of constrained routing in a multistage queueing network. Our algorithm is seen to exhibit good performance and the various inequality constraints are seen to be satisfied upon convergence of the algorithm.

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