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Agrarian Problems of Small Villages in the S. R. Macedonia

Institute for social research in Zagreb
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  • Agricultural Science


The article treats problems ecoountered in small villages in the S. R. Macedonia. There has been a great increase in that type of settlement, and data confirm a very high degree of depopulation and deagrarizatioin. These are small villages with less than 100 inhabitants, and there are 378 of them in Macedonia, or 23.2% of all the villages in the republic. During the last twenty years their number increased by 150.3%. The increasing dominance of small villages in the network of settlements is the result of their distribution from the aspect of certain natural and spatial determinants, their population characteristics and their household structure, which is very unfavouräble with regard to farming areas. The author also analyses the relationship between small villages and cultivable land, which is already being intensely abandoned. This he shows through the example of the Central Vardar egion. The article ends with a short survey of proposals on how to solve the problems of small villages in the interest of advancing agriculture.

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