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Letter from Henry M. Greenberg to Joshua Lederberg

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Department of Medicine April 3, 1974 Henry M. Greenberg. M. D. Director Coronary Care Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics Stanford University Stanford, California 94305 Dear Dr. Lederberg: I am very appreciative of your kind note in response to my Op-Ed article in the New York Tiznes, Rx for Conciliation. I have read the reprint from Social Research and have examined the concept and curriculum of the Human Biology.*program at Stanford. I hope that my comments will be of s%%e he& to you. An NIH site visit has disrupted my schedule and hence the delay. There are several assumptions which serve as a basis for formulating goals for the course. Since an open society can define social infra- structures such as health care delivery, a logical prerequisite is a supply of baseline information in a usable form directed at the polit- ically concerned population. Available sources of medical information seem impotent, and educational institutions7 are simply not doing the job. From medicine's point of view, if it has single, focus, a public enlightened about the art and science of medicine, about human physiology , and pathology, offers the best if not the only defense of maintaining excellence and the supremacy of individual clinical judgment in what- ever form of national health service is coming. On this foundation rest my goals. I would like to demonstrate that an educational approach such as mine is feasible and that it can attract a healthy, non-hostile student body which believes that such instruction is necessary to fill a gap in their prior education. I would like to be able to show that they absorb and not merely attend with interest. I think I have at least illustrated the first portion of this goal, but I am not sure how to provide evidence that I have satisfied the second. During the fall semester I shall pay more attention to questionnaires, I believe there is a market for this information but I think that defining and

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