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NOx Reduction and Desorption Studies Under Electric Discharge Plasma Using a Simulated Gas Mixture: A Case Study on the Effect of Corona Electrodes

Institute of Physics
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  • High Voltage Engineering (Merged With Ee)


In this study, reduction and desorption of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) were conducted using an electrical discharge plasma technique. The study was carried out using a simulated gas mixture to explore the possibility of re-generation of used adsorbents by a nonthermal plasma desorption technique. Three different types of corona electrodes, namely, pipe, helical wire, and straight wire, were used for analyzing their effectiveness in NOx reduction/desorption. The pipe-type corona electrode exhibited a nitric oxide (NO) conversion of 50%, which is 1.5 times that of the straight-wire-type electrode at an energy density of 175J/L. The helical-wire-type corona electrode exhibited a NOx desorption efficiency almost 4 times that of the pipe-type electrode,indicating the possibility that corona-generated species play a crucial role in desorption.

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