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L'homme et l'eau dans le bassin du lac Tchad = Man and water in the lake Chad basin

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Vocabulary of water and fishing in some Hausa dialects 105 VOCABULARY OF WATER AND FISHING IN SOME HAUSA DIALECTS Nikolai A. DOBRONRAVINE University of St. Petersburg During my study of the Western and Northern Hausa dialects 1 have found that much of their specific vocabulary belongs to the semantic field which could be described as 'lwater and water-related activities". One of such lexical items, gulbii "river, stream", corresponding to Standard Hausa kodgii, was included into the Hausa Dialectological Questionnaire (1991). Some dialectal data were recorded by me during a short stay in Kebbi State, Nigeria, in 1993, or with Hausa informants in St. Petersburg. Hausa-speaking people whom 1 interviewed there came from Keita (Ader), Illéla (Konni, linguistically close to the Arewa Hausa dialect), and Gouré (to the east of Zinder). Local Niger Hausa newspapers (mainly fiom the UNESCO collection in h b u r g ) were also an important source of lexical data. In some cases, however, it was rather difficult to decide whether a lexical item found in a Hausa newspaper was typical for the author's local form of Hausa or simply an occasional borrowing from the Hausa koiné. This was also the case with some informants in Nigeria. There also exist several publications where almost no dialectal marking was made, e.g. those of DONATNT (1975) or MUINGUINI (1977, 1983). 1 must also express my thanks to Malam Bello Alhassan (Birnin Kebbi, Nigeria) Who kindly assisted me in verifymg al1 data collected and gave me valuable comments on water-related activities among the Hausa people. A classification of water-related dialectal variations in Hausa is presented below: 1. phonological correspondences, like in tami - Western Hausa tabkii - Kyanga Hausa taukii "lake, pond"; 2. morphological or morphonological chang

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