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Solid-State Acyl Migration In Salicylamides - An X-Ray Study Of The Ortho-Propionyl And Normal-Propionyl Derivatives

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In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest in the study of organic reactions in the solid state. It is now realised that the crystalline matrix provides an extra-ordinary spatial control on the initiation and progress of these reactions. Electronic and dipolar effects which are important in solution are replaced by structural and geometric effects in solids. These 'spatial' or 'topochemical' aspects are important in understanding the mechanistic details of the reaction. In our laboratory, the thermally induced acyl migration in salicylamides from 0- to N- position in the solid state has been under study (Scheme 1). The structures of the acetyl and benzoyl derivatives (Ia,IIa, Ib and IIb) have been reported.

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