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Tecnologías de comunicación e información: ¿Libertad o esclavitud?

Biblio-Info-Sociedad: Bibliotecas, Informacion y Sociedad
  • Copyright
  • Ed. Intellectual Property: Author'S Rights
  • Ownership
  • Copyleft.
  • Bc. Information In Society.
  • Bf. Information Policy
  • Ee. Intellectual Freedom.
  • Ef. Censorship.
  • Be. Information Economics.
  • Eb. Printing
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Broadcasting.
  • Bg. Information Dissemination And Diffusion.
  • Ac. Relationship Of Lis With Other Fields .
  • Ea. Mass Media.


This short article discusses the contradictions and risks that the information and communication technologies represent against the individual liberties or to create states of slavery based on them.

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