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Comment on "China's Local Comparative Advantage"

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China's Growing Role in World Trade This PDF is a selection from a published volume from the National Bureau of Economic Research Volume Title: China's Growing Role in World Trade Volume Author/Editor: Robert C. Feenstra and Shang-Jin Wei, editors Volume Publisher: University of Chicago Press Volume ISBN: 0-226-23971-3 Volume URL: Conference Date: August 3-4, 2007 Publication Date: March 2010 Chapter Title: Comment on "China's Local Comparative Advantage" Chapter Author: Chong Xiang Chapter URL: Chapter pages in book: (133 - 135) China’s Local Comparative Advantage 133 Chong Xiang is an associate professor of economics at Purdue University. Moulton, Brent R. 1990. An illustration of a pitfall in estimating the effects of aggre- gate variables on micro units. Review of Economics and Statistics 72 (1): 334–38. Schott, Peter K. 2004. Across- product versus within- product specialization in inter- national trade. Quarterly Journal of Economics 119 (2): 647–78. Silberberg, Eugene. 1978. The structure of economics: A mathematical analysis. New York: McGraw Hill. Wooldridge, Jeffrey W. 2006. Cluster sample methods in applied econometrics: An extended analysis. Michigan State University. Unpublished Manuscript. http:// Comment Chong Xiang The explosive growth in China’s trade with the rest of the world has been one of the hallmark events for globalization over the last decade. Look- ing ahead, will this growth continue? How will this growth affect China’s neighboring countries and trading partners? In addition, which country and which industry will be affected the most? The authors have delivered timely and convincing answers to these questions that have gripped the attention of economists and policymakers alike from a novel angle: the role of geography and trade costs in shaping China’s patterns of trade. Geog

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