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Miscellaneous Electrical and Instrumentation Items-5

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-088415308-5/50006-9


Publisher Summary This chapter discusses several electrical and instrumentation items such as, cable ties, wire connectors, splicing kits, thermo couples, and pressure gauges. The chapter also discusses the uses of cable ties to anchor the wires and cables to each other and to objects in the path. The measurement of temperature is one of the most vital functions in the control of manufacturing and processing operations. At the heart of all temperature measurements is the thermocouple. The concept of all thermocouples is the same. Two wires of dissimilar metal are joined together at one end. An increase in temperature creates an electronic force or voltage that is transmitted through these wires to a monitoring device that reads this signal and displays it on a previously calibrated meter or digital device. This chapter shows the thermocouple and some of the accessories used in a system. The chapter further discusses different types of pressure gauges. Their pressure range, the size of the dial, the type of case, and the bourdon tube, describes gauges. Gauges can be equipped with adjustable low and high electrical contacts to provide pressure control for automatic or remote operation.

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