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Microbial Contamination in Coin-laundry and The Prevention Part 2 Reducing the microbial load on the surface of wath-tubs

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  • 自然科学


For reducing the microbial load on the coin-laundry, the usefulness of rinsing wash-tubs was examined. Wash-tubs contaminated with microorganisms were rinsed by flowing four volumes of water under three kinds of temperatures and the use of sodium hypochlorite solution for rinsing was also investigated. Redution of the bacterial counts on wash-tub was more difficult in S. aureus (gram-positive coccus) than in E. coli (gram-negative bacillus). Although the number of S. aureus on the surface of wash-tub singnificantly decreased as the volume and temperature of water flowed increased, a number of the organisms still remained. C. albicans (fungus), which had a larger cell body than bacteria, was able to be easily reduced in number, when sufficient volume of water wes applied. Sodium hypochlorite solution was very effective for reducing the microbial load on wash-tubs. A small volume of the solution could kill and eliminate all the kinds of microorganisms tested in the study.

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