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Proposal for a Council Directive on packaging and packaging waste. COM (92) 278 final, 15 July 1992

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COM.\1:1SSION. OF THE EUROPEAN COM\IDNITIES COM(92) 278 final - SYN 436 Brusse·l s·. 15 Ju I y 1992 • ·.,;o:;._ .. .... , . P roposa I f. or a COUNCIL DIRECTIVE on packaging and packaging waste : .·:''." . (presented, bY,; the ~~~~ion>. · ... \:. ·. . ·, •. ,: ··,: .. · . ~I .(. ."-.:,·. ·, ·I Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara - 2 - EXPlANATORY MEMORANDUM I. INTRODUCTION 1.1. In the European Community, there are more than 100 million households generating waste from consumer packaging and, in addition, all industrial. and commercial enterprises produce packaging waste of various kinds. The estimated amount of packaging waste produced in the Community is 50 million tonnes (25 from households, 15 from services and 10 from industry) of which only about 9 million tonnes, an average of 18%, are recycled with widely varying levels between Member States and for the different materials. 1.2. Packaging plays a very important economic and social role by permitting the safe worldwide transport of products thus enlarging consumer choice; by preserving packed goods in such a way that production and consumption can be matched worldwide; by informing the consumer about the nature of the packed good and its compl lance with legal requirements as well as about health care, price, conservation, use, danger and other useful information; by allowing the portioning of products Into the weight and volume most appropriate to consumer usage; by shaping the product into stackable units so as to ensure optimization of transport and space use; by allowing the branding of the product in order to assure easy identification by the consumer and to position the product as to price-class, target~group and usage; by faci I itating product diversification so as to adapt the product to the different consumer usages; by assuring the most hygienic way to handl

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