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The Fourier transform of a coiled-coil

International Union of Crystallography
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The Fourier transform of a coiled-coil ROSALIND E. FRANKL IN AND R. G. GOSLING (685 References ASTBURY, W. T. (1947). Cold Spring Harbour Sym/posium on Quantitative Biology, 12, 56. BRIT ISH ASSOCIATION ]FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE (1937). Mathematical Tables, Vol. 6, Part 1. Cambridge: University Press. CLA_PP, ~/L ~/L (1937). J. Math. Phys. 16, 76. Cox, E. G. & SHAW, W. F. B. (1930). Proe. Roy. Soc. A, 127, 71. FRANKLIN, R. E. & GOSLING, R. G. (1953a). Acta Cryst. 6, 673. F~ZKL~, R.E. & GOSLr~G, R.G. (1953b). Nature, Lond. 171, 742. FR~, R.E. & GOSLING, R.G. (1953v). Nature, Lond. 172, 156. JONES, F.W. (1938). Proc. Roy. Soc. A, 166, 16. IVIACGILLAV~Y, C . i . & BRUINS, E.M. (1948). Acta Cryst. 1, 156. WATSON, J. D. & C~ICK, F. H. C. (1953). Nature, Lond. 171, 737. WILKINS, M.H.F. , GOSLING, n.G. & SEEDS, W.. E. (1951). Nature, Lond. 167, 759. Acta Cryst. (1953). 6, 685 The Four ier T rans form of a Co i led-Co i l BY F. It. C. C~ICK The Medical Research Council Unit for the Study of the Molecular Structure of B~il~'@~dl Systems, The Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, England (Received 14 March 1953) The Fourier transforms are given for a continuous coiled-coil, and for a set of atoms spaced a~ regular intervals along a coiled-coil. The nature of the solution is briefly discussed. Introduction It has recently been suggested simultaneously by Pauling & Corey (1953) and by Crick (1952) that the structure of s-keratin may be based on a coiled-coil, i.e. on a helix with a small repeat whose axis has been slightly deformed so that it follows a larger more gradual helix. The small helix proposed is the s-helix of Pauling, Corey & Branson (1951). It is therefore of interest to calculate the Fourier transform (or continuous structure factor) of structures of this sort. Those considered here are the continuous coiled-coil and the discontinuous coiled-coil. The for- mer is an infinitely thin 'wire' of ele

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