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Second report on the application of the rules for aids to the steel industry. Communication from the Commission to the Council. COM (82) 34 final, 5 February 1982

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COMC82) 34 final Brussels, 5th February 1982 SECOND REPORT ON THE APPLICATION OF THE RULES FOR AIDS TO THE STEEL INDUSTRY · (Communication from the Commission to the Council) COM(82) 34 final " \ SECO~IT> ilEPO!lT Olr rriB APPLICATION OF THE RULES FOR AIDS TO T".tiE STEEL DIDUS'l'RY 1 01 0 1 o2 o 1 o)o TNTRODUCTION Article 10 of the Decision No 2320/81/ECSC requires the Commission to prepare reg1.1.lar reports on the implementation of that Decision for the Council and for the information of the European Parliament .. The first Report on the application of the rules for aid to the steel industry (COM(81) 71 final) covered aid notifications received under the preceding Decision No 257/8oj.Ecsc, up to 13 February 1981~ It also included an Armex giving details of aids and interventions prior to the entry into force (1 February 1980) of that Decision. The present report covers the period from 14 February 1981 to 31 Decerr~ 1981o It deals with aids which fell to be considered under both Decision No 257/80/EGSC and Decision No 2320/81/ECSC, the latter of \vhich came into force on 7 August 1981 " During the period u.21.der revie-v1, t1vo multilateral meetings were held, in r.13.rch and :L:n October~ The a.ids examined in these meetings were those proposed by Belgiumt Germany$ France~ Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, all of which appear in Section 3 of this report.. Article 8(2) of Decisi~n No 2320/81 ,lEese X'equires the COin.'ilissio:n to seek the views of Member Sta-tes on the more impor·tant aid plans notif:i.ed. -to :i:l; 1 multi- lat.eral meetings provide th·a m.ost appx·opria:l;e forum for carrying out this duty~ 1 ~5. In its Reso11Jtion of 3 I"B.rch 1981 the Council a,sked the Comm.ission to prepare n. report on past aiC.s to the stee 1 industry,, The Commission, in cc.--operc:.tion Hi th Member Sta,tes, established. a detailed. questionnaire to pro'rid.e the ffisic d.Bta 0:1 ej_I3.s g

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