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Annotation of unknown yeast ORFs by correlation analysis of microarray data and extensive literature searches.

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yea1375s.dvi Supplementary Table S1. 638 significantly affected ORFs, effects of factors and p values ORF Gene Deletion effect Medium effect Dilution rate effect p (Deletion) p (Medium) p (Dilution rate) YFR015C GSY1 2.49E–01 −2.32E+00 −2.38E–01 1.36E–01 6.49E–05 1.49E–01 YHR094C HXT1 −1.98E–01 4.55E+00 −3.89E–02 5.94E–01 1.85E–04 9.15E–01 YNR059W MNT4 2.46E–02 5.13E–01 −2.40E–01 5.68E–01 2.03E–04 3.71E–03 YDR345C HXT3 9.68E–02 3.38E+00 −7.98E–02 7.37E–01 2.29E–04 7.81E–01 YKL093W MBR1 −4.16E–02 −1.88E+00 −6.63E–01 7.96E–01 2.36E–04 1.15E–02 YMR081C ISF1 2.48E–01 −3.02E+00 −9.95E–01 3.80E–01 2.79E–04 1.68E–02 YPR184W GDB1 9.33E–02 −2.05E+00 −4.67E–01 6.45E–01 3.98E–04 6.72E–02 YBR297W MAL33 3.20E–01 −2.60E+00 −2.86E–01 2.67E–01 4.74E–04 3.14E–01 YER028C YER028C −1.56E–01 2.76E+00 9.78E–03 5.90E–01 4.84E–04 9.72E–01 YKR058W GLG1 1.05E–01 −7.56E–01 −3.04E–01 2.88E–01 9.10E–04 2.37E–02 YJL166W QCR8 −8.11E–01 −6.85E–01 −1.85E–01 5.31E–04 1.02E–03 8.17E–02 YLR273C PIG1 7.72E–02 −6.32E–01 −3.08E–01 3.56E–01 1.03E–03 1.41E–02 YDL157C YDL157C −2.64E–01 −6.31E–01 8.72E–02 2.48E–02 1.11E–03 3.11E–01 YGR174C CBP4 −3.69E–01 −1.44E+00 4.54E–01 1.06E–01 1.24E–03 6.25E–02 YPR160W GPH1 −2.82E–01 −2.41E+00 −6.78E–01 3.96E–01 1.25E–03 8.45E–02 YFR053C HXK1 2.18E–01 −2.89E+00 −1.11E–01 5.89E–01 1.47E–03 7.80E–01 YJL132W YJL132W −4.18E–01 1.07E+00 −5.54E–01 3.79E–02 1.47E–03 1.55E–02 YOR178C GAC1 −2.18E–02 −1.95E+00 −5.99E–01 9.36E–01 1.52E–03 7.69E–02 YPR196W YPR196W 1.87E–01 −1.68E+00 −3.41E–01 4.48E–01 1.66E–03 2.01E–01 YLR327C YLR327C 1.31E–01 −3.48E+00 −1.43E+00 7.92E–01 1.72E–03 3.75E–02 YGL157W YGL157W −2.61E–01 2.95E+00 2.91E–01 5.51E–01 1.83E–03 5.09E–01 YDR343C HXT6 2.52E–01 −2.25E+00 −1.96E–01 4.72E–01 2.13E–03 5.70E–01 YBL064C PRX1 −4.52E–01 −1.69E+00 −5.89E–01 1.38E–01 2.31E–03 7.38E–02 YDR342C HXT7 2.82E–01 −2.12E+00 −1.58E–01 4.16E–01 2.43E–03 6.38E–01 YML091C RPM2 −9.31E–01 −1.03E+00 −4.77E–02 3.83E–03 2.64E–03 7.73E–01 YLR323C CWC24 8.18E–02 6.03E–01 1.39E–01 4.18E–01 2.67E–03 2.01E–

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